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5 Car Maintenance Mistakes

Mark Alexopoulos examines common car maintenance mistakes

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In my previous blog, I discussed the importance of regular car maintenance and basic steps to follow. Routine car maintenance is essential for extending the durability and life of your vehicle; however, there are easy mistakes to make. Here is a list of car maintenance mistakes that are typically made and how to avoid them.

1. Procrastinating Maintenance

Putting off scheduled car maintenance is a common trend because it saves money in the short term. However, your car and wallet will pay in the future. Car manufacturers recommend scheduled service for a reason, so it is best to keep your vehicle on that schedule. Additionally, there are small things you can fix yourself, avoid making costly errors by attempting to service your own car.

2. Neglecting Oil Changes

Car manufacturers used to recommend changing a vehicle’s every 3,000 miles. However, many manufacturers have lengthened this mileage frame. While you may be able to go longer before an oil change is needed, it does not mean that oil changes can be skipped. Old oil will break down and may damage parts of your engine. Maintaining routine oil changes will maximize the life of your engine.

3. Not Checking Tire Pressure

It’s difficult to gauge your vehicle’s tire pressure just from looking because even when your tires appear to be fine – air pressure may be high or low. Many factors change tire pressure, including weather, debris, potholes and more. Proper tire pressure not only boosts your fuel economy but also improves the car’s safety. It’s important to check your car’s air pressure regularly. If your tires are routinely losing pressure, be sure to check in with your mechanic for a diagnosis.

4. Skipping Other Tire Care

Since tire care is not something that has to be frequently done, it is often neglected. Regular rotation allows the tires to serve in both front and rear positions, which help to even out the wear. Additionally, tire alignment plays a factor in tire wear as well as fuel efficiency, tire performance, and vehicle maneuverability.

5. Not Changing Wipers

Windshield wipers are a necessity because they help us drive in adverse weather conditions. Even though wipers are easy and cheap to replace, many drivers neglect to purchase new ones. The fall is an excellent time to replace your wipers because it’s right before the harshest weather starts.

Taking care of your car is the easiest and best thing to do if you want to extend the life of your vehicle. Many owners will make these mistakes, but avoiding them will help keep your car in peak condition.

Mark Alexopoulos is a leading entrepreneur and technology expert in the automotive remarketing industry. Check out his automotive blog or follow him on Twitter!

This article was originally published on Mark Alexopoulos' Blog

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