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How to Fix and Avoid Leadership Mistakes

Mark Alexopoulos explains four of the most common leadership mistakes or errors and highlights on how you can fix and avoid them.

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Being a leader comes with more responsibility, including more tasks and setting a good example. Leaders are also often held to higher standards and expectations. However, just because you are in a leadership role does not make you perfect, and there are always areas to improve. With that being said, leaders can and will make mistakes. Here’s a take on the four most common leadership mistakes or errors and highlights on how you can fix and avoid them.

Failing to Provide Proper Feedback

According to a study by The Ken Blanchard Companies, failing to provide feedback is the most common mistake that leaders make. Feedback is such a necessity because it not only encourages employees to continue their hard work but also prompts opportunity for improvement. To avoid this mistake, be sure to provide regular feedback that is both encouraging and positive but also constructive feedback that will help your team grow.

Lacking Vision

As a leader, it is your job to delegate tasks and provide both clarity and vision. Furthermore, it is your role to hold team members accountable for reaching their expectations and goals. If there are no expectations or goals to achieve, employees will be less productive. To provide both vision and clarity, work with team members to make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals.

Misunderstanding Motivation

More often than not, money is not the only motivator for employees. Yes, money is one motivation technique but is probably not the only one. Leaders tend to make the mistake that monetary rewards are the only rewards. However, most employees feel others. Millennials, for example, are less focused on money than previous generations and more focused on maintaining a work-life balance. The best way to understand motivation is by talking with employees and determining what works best.

Lacking Innovation

Unfortunately, many leaders and companies fail to provide the opportunity or support to inspire innovation. While some leaders may be supportive of new ideas, if leaders and businesses lack to provide resources or opportunity to grow new ideas, then it’s not really giving area to develop. Be open about which projects your employees can take their time on and really try to innovate new solutions. Be sure also to be supportive if new ideas fail.

As a leader, you will make mistakes, but that’s ok. No one is perfect, but by following these tips, you have a better chance of becoming a successful leader.

Mark Alexopoulos is a leading entrepreneur and technology expert in the automotive remarketing industry. Check out his automotive blog or follow him on Twitter!

This article was originally published on Mark Alexopoulos's Blog

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