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Selling Tips For Car Salespeople

The industry of car sales comes with a stigma. Gallup, a leading poll analytics company, published a poll to measure perceived honesty and ethics in professions. Unsurprisingly, car salespeople were one about the bottom of the list (tied with telemarketers and Congress; only above lobbyists). The key to overcoming this fact is respecting people, making yourself a resource, and becoming a trusted and reliable partner. Try these five essential tips to make more sales.

Make it about them, not you. Forget about personal goals and issues and focus on the client. Think about what factors they are most interested in, such as price, warranty, or car features. Get to know the client and their needs, use the gathered information to help them get what they want, and they will be far more attentive and trusting.

Listen more than you talk. It is relatively common knowledge that the more one party is silent, the more likely the other party will fill the silence. While it can seem necessary to continue talking as a salesperson, it can be more beneficial to ask a few questions and then listen. By listening, you are more capable of learning what they want and are more able to lead them to the best purchase for their needs, therefore ensuring they leave the lot with a new vehicle.

Read the situation. Selling cars is one job that requires employees to read the situation before acting. There is no guaranteed routine to making sales, so it is essential for salespeople to observe each client and follow your instincts. For example, it may seem like the husband is on board for the sale, but the spouse seems less sure. Follow up with the spouse on their thoughts and priorities. This allows the salesperson to understand the hangups and offer professional and knowledgeable recommendations.

Be patient; some sales require nurturing. Commission makes it difficult to see the long term. It is easy to fall into a rut of trying to close the deal as soon as possible. However, some clients may require more time to consider all the options and make a decision. Rather than feeling frustrated by constant browsers, offer your time, respect and knowledge to these customers to earn lifelong clients, referrals and repeat business.

Delivery. Don’t let your clients leave the lot without seeing you first. Typically after making a sale, the client is moved to speak with an F & I manager about warranties, insurance, and service agreements. Rather than allowing that to be the last person they see, meet the clients in the lot, show them around the car again, and make sure they are happy with their deal. This tip can aid in referral

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